Monday, 29 November 2010

Corporate Branded Kick Plates

Kick Plates across the bottom of doors
Finger Plates across the handle-height of doors
Handle Surrounds around handles and/or key holes
Any Other Features to complete the customisation of doors or other building elements
Material and finish can be discussed

Brand Identity

An authentic and consistent brand identity speaks volumes to your customers. Your products may boldly proclaim your unique brand, but what about your workplace?
Custom made door furniture that incorporates your logo makes an eye-catching statement to visiting potential customers, and helps lend your brand an air of durability and permanence. Promote your corporate brand and message at source, at the same time as protecting your doors from dirt and damage.

Custom Design

We can manufacture for you totally customised sets of door furniture. The images above illustrate just one possible eye-catching method of logo incorporation. If required, we can help you with your design.
Kick plates, finger plates and handle surrounds can be manufactured from various materials (not plastics) - we designed and laser cut our own from grained stainless steel. Items can be finished to your specification in our purpose-built Surface Coating plant. Please contact us for a quote.

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