Monday, 22 November 2010

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Robotic, CNC & semi-manual plant - for a range of batch sizes
Full range of primary & auxiliary in-house operations
Laser cutting & laser inspection station
Skilled & experienced workforce

Our sheet metal engineering service is the cornerstone of our long standing reputation for quality. We continuously invest  in the most effective current technology (such as combined laser/punching and robotic manufacturing cells), whilst retaining traditional manual skills for optimum flexibility.

Service Scope

Laser & Punch Profiling - using laser profilers, punch presses, and a Laser Punch combi
Bending & Folding - using robotic bending cells and CNC brake presses
Welding, Riveting, Inserts - using a robotic spotwelding cell, manual spotwelding, arc welding, CNC/manual inserters

Volumes and Materials

The range and scale of automation of the plant used by Ripley Engineering enables us to offer an effective service covering batch sizes from one to thousands.

We have much experience with a variety of materials and grades; from general commercial to food and medical industry grades of stainless and other steels, aluminium, plus further metallic and non-metallic materials.

Design Communication

To see a detailed table of the drawing file formats we can accept, please click here.

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