Friday, 19 November 2010

Powder Coating

Wide range of Powder Coatings plus wet spraying
One-off to medium-high volume capacity
100% Inspection Before Despatch
Full technical backup

Modern and Efficient Service

Ripley Surface Coating Technology offers a wide range of powder coatings; polyester, epoxy and epoxy/polyester hybrids to suit most applications, decorative and/or protective. A range of gloss levels and smooth, textured, leatherette, and antique finishes are possible.

Full masking facilities are available where products require earthing points, RFI shielding, or surface-to-surface contact.

The well-specified surface coating plant we operate allows us to process batch sizes from a single unit to high volume. Ancillary components afford us capacity to handle low volume conventional wet spray finishing, plus powder coating for oversized units up to 2 metres in length.

Service Scope

● Pre-treatment and Masking - aqueous degreasing and iron phosphating, feature and area masking as required
● Powder Coating and Convection Curing - flexible online and offline coating and curing with skilled manual spray application
● Max. Work Size - 2000x1200x900mm for powder coated items, 2000x2000x1000mm for wet sprayed items

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